Arrangement for 2011

Arrangement of the final exam

  1. The final exam of the course will be an oral test on two of the eight labs for each student.
  2. The exam will be held on Friday(17th June) in the room 801 and 802 of west annex of Guanghua Building.
  3. The exam starts from 8:30. Two students of a group will have the exam together. Each group will have two sessions of oral test: one session lasts for 12 minutes by one supervisor.
  4. Before the exam, each group will select one lab from a section(Lab I, II, VII and VIII for section one and Lab III,IV, V and VI for section two) by drawing lots.
  5. The aim of the oral test is to help you to improve your understanding of the labs. We hope you can learn the labs carefully during your preparation.
  6. The contents will cover the basics about how to use the measurement devices correctly, experimental background, data evaluation and understanding of the results. The questions will not be difficult. Members in one group are allowed to have discussions.
  7. You are allowed to take the lab manual and lab reports with you.

Schedule of the oral test

Room 801Room 802
TimeLab III,IV, V and VILab I, II, VII and VIII
8:30Group A1Group B1
8:45Group A2Group B2
9:00Group A3Group B3
9:15Group B1Group A1
9:30Group B2Group A2
9:45Group B3Group A3
10:10Group C1Group D1
10:25Group C2Group D2
10:40Group D1Group D3
10:55Group D2Group C1
11:10Group D3Group C2

Note: Steven Wang has the oral test together with Group D1.

Group Registration

Group No. A1 A2 A3
Name Roy Eric Lu Stella Tysia Linda Steven Zhang
Group No. B1 B2 B3
Name Simon North Cathy Peach Karina Nova
Group No. C1 C2 C3
Name Lily Chera Ling Jessie Sze Chia Barron Ng Steven Wang
Group No. D1 D2 D3
Name ShangYang Eric Tse Zara Priyanka TonyMarten


Labs Lab I Lab II Lab III Lab IV
3rd WA1A2A3B1B2B3C1C2C3D1D2D3
4th WB1B2B3A1A2A3D1D2D3 C1C2C3
5th WDiscussion:A1-3 and B1-3 togetherDiscussion:C1-3 and D1-3 together
6th WC1C2C3D1D2D3A1A2A3B1B2B3
7th WD1D2D3 C1C2C3B1B2B3A1A2A3
8th WDiscussion:C1-3 and D1-3 togetherDiscussion:A1-3 and B1-3 together
Labs Lab V Lab VI Lab VII Lab VIII
9th WA1A2A3B1B2B3C1C2C3D1D2D3
10th WB1B2B3A1A2A3D1D2D3 C1C2C3
11th WDiscussion:A1-3 and B1-3 togetherDiscussion:C1-3 and D1-3 together
12th WC1C2C3D1D2D3A1A2A3B1B2B3
13th WD1D2D3 C1C2C3B1B2B3A1A2A3
14th WDiscussion:C1-3 and D1-3 togetherDiscussion:A1-3 and B1-3 together
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