Arrangement for 2012

Group Registration

Group No. A1 A2 A3
NamePeer Injun MichelleMonicaGraceJames
Group No. B1 B2 B3
NameCarlaNowChyau Hong JackieYangCarl
Group No. C1 C2 C3
Group No. D1 D2 D3


Labs Lab I Lab II Lab III Lab IV
3rd WA1A2A3B1B2B3C1C2C3D1D2D3
4th WB1B2B3A1A2A3D1D2D3 C1C2C3
5th WDiscussion:A1-3 and B1-3 togetherDiscussion:C1-3 and D1-3 together
6th WC1C2C3D1D2D3A1A2A3B1B2B3
7th WD1D2D3 C1C2C3B1B2B3A1A2A3
8th WDiscussion:C1-3 and D1-3 togetherDiscussion:A1-3 and B1-3 together
Labs Lab V Lab VI Lab VII Lab VIII
9th WDiscussion:C1-3 and D1 togetherDiscussion:A1-3 and B1-3 together
10th WC1C2C3D1 A1A2A3 B1B2B3
11th W D1C1C2C3B1B2B3 A1A2A3
12th WDiscussion:A1-3 and B1-3 togetherDiscussion:C1-3 and D1 together
13th WA1A2A3 B1B2B3 C1C2C3D1
14th WB1B2B3 A1A2A3 D1C1C2C3
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