Converging lens

Lab VII: Converging Lens

  • Supervisor:Dr. Rui Peng
  • Location: Room 214-220, Henglong Physics Building
  • To determine the focal lengths of converging lenses by different methods, and to learn the structure of simple optical instrument such as microscope and telescope.
  • Geometrical optics
  • Optical instrument
  1. Optical track
  2. converging lens
  3. light source
  4. object plane
  5. image screen
  6. mirror
  7. diverging lens

基本 RGB

  1. Focal length by using the thin lens equation.
  2. Autocollimation approach.
  3. Bessel approach.
  4. Measure the focal length of a diverging lens. (Optional)
  5. Try to build a telescope with two converging lenses. (Optional)
  1. What have you learned from this lab?
  2. How do you evaluate each method?
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