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Raise your questions here, please! — 乐永康 2014/02/26 09:46
Thank you! — 2014/02/26 09:46
With regards to the latent heat lab, on page V-3 and V-4, there are two equations that require us to use “ht”. Unfortunately this was not mentioned or touched on during the lab. Can you please clarify what ht is? If we had to measure it somehow and didn't, would what would be an appropriate value to use for the sake of discussion to complete our lab report (of course mentioning in the report that it's a substitution)?
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Hi, Jeff, ht means the thermal capacity of the part of the electric thermometer which is immersed under water. In our lab, this value can be considered to be small enough to be neglected. — Yongkang 2014/05/01 13:56
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