• Supervisor: Dr. Weifeng Su
  • Location: Room 801 West Annex of Guanghua Building


  • Learn how to use the oscilloscope and the function generator.


Related topics

  • Electron motion
  • Vibration
  • Electro-magnetics.


  Along with the multimeter, the oscilloscope is the second most useful electrical measuring instrument found in all scientific laboratories. The use of this instrument is so ubiquitous that any one embarking on a scientific career of any discipline must master its operation. An oscilloscope has three major components. The electron gun provides a steady stream of equal-velocity electrons in a constant direction. This electron beam passes between pairs of deflecting plates, one horizontal and one vertical. When a voltage difference is imposed across a pair of plates, the resultant electric field deflects the electrons either vertically or horizontally. The electron beam then hits a phosphor screen, where it produces a bright spot (just as on a T.V.).

Experiment devices

  • Digital Oscilloscope (SDS1102CML)                         Signal Generator (SG1005S)





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