Question No.1 From Maka

Good evening Dr. Le, this is Mark,I have a question, hope you can see it tonight.

1.I wonder how to get the 百分偏差. I searched powerpoint and the chinese lab book, but i couldn't find it.

I wonder if i should get it by “Actual number/Ideal number*100%” or “Difference/Ideal number*100%”.

2.I got I of 金属细长杆 as 40750, but the theoretical value is 74420 (I=m*l*l/12)

Am i wrong?

  1. 百分偏差, usually symbolized as η, is defined as: η=(|Measured value - Reference Value|/Reference Value)*100%
  2. For the moment of inertia of 金属细长杆, I am not shure where is the problem. I can only get some idea when I see your report.

乐永康 2009/03/19 20:17

Thank you for your answer.

I found that the seconed question is caused by me wrongly wrote another value which is mass of 滑块 as mass 金属细长杆.

The value of the mass of 滑块 is on my partner's notebook. I think I can check it tomorrow.Thank you!

LEEMAKA 2009/03/19 20:47

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