Fundamental Physics Laboratory



Arrangement for 2018

Final examination arrangement

Group Registration

Group No. A1 A2 A3 A4 B1 B2 B3
Name Oapp RhysEric Swan Candy BoHayeon Mia TobiaBenny MustafaTasneem FrankDorothy
Group No. C1 C2 C3 C4 D1 D2 D3
NameLi Ying Wan TingMatilda Meha Sam Tanvi Kayla Shruti Psi Joy Tonya Hiba Awa Annie
Group No. E1 E2 E3 E4 F1 F2 F3
Name Mitchell Tony Ricker Jia Sang Putter Chihiro Dhruvi Pete Alvin Mihiret HatsumiHannah


WeekDate Lab I Lab II Lab III Lab IV Lab V Lab VI Lab VII Lab VIII lab IX
3rd W3/23 A1-4,B1-3C1-4,D1-3 E1-4,F1-3
4th W3/30A1-4B1-3 C1-4D1-3 E1-4F1-3
5th W4/8B1-3A1-4 D1-3C1-4 F1-3E1-4
6th W4/13Discussion:A1-4 and B1-3 togetherDiscussion:C1-4 and D1-3 together Discussion:E1-4 and F1-3 together
7th W4/20E1-4F1-3 A1-4,B1-3 C1-4,D1-3
8th W4/27F1-3E1-4 A1-4B1-3 C1-4D1-3
9th W5/4 E1-4,F1-3 B1-3 A1-4 D1-3C1-4
10th W5/11Discussion:E1-4 and F1-3 togetherDiscussion:A1-4 and B1-3 together Discussion:C1-4 and D1-3 together
11th W5/18C1-4D1-3 E1-4,F1-3 A1-4,B1-3
12th W5/25D1-3C1-4 E1-4F1-3 A1-4B1-3
13th W6/1 C1-4,D1-3 F1-3E1-4 B1-3A1-4
14th W6/8Discussion:C1-4 and D1-3 togetherDiscussion:E1-4 and F1-3 together Discussion:A1-4 and B1-3
15th W6/15Q and A
16th W6/22oral test

Lab Manuals for download

Discussions and Comments




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